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Home Care Service

Home Care Services


One of the most important aspects of Today’s Nurse will be providing clients with a strong sense of family and compassion.  Taking an interest in the client, their life and their environment will create an everlasting bond.  Whether it is playing a favourite board games, cards, puzzles reading or just chatting, life is meant to enjoy.

Light House Cleaning

The Home Support Worker will provide dusting, damp mopping hardwood and flooring, vacuuming carpets and furniture, changing bedding, laundry, scrubbing the bathroom and general tidying of living spaces as required or requested.

Meal Preparation

The caregiver may not wear a chef’s hat but they do know their way around a kitchen.  Meals can be planned in conjunction with the client.  Grocery planning, grocery shopping for the client, dishwashing, food maintenance, and cooking will fill the house with the welcoming aromas of everyone’s favourite foods.

Home Health Check

On occasion family members may be away and just want someone to pop in and make sure their loved one is ok.  This allows Today’s Nurse to visit for a short period of time insuring the client is safe and no health issues emerged in their absence.

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Health Services

Health Services

Personal Care

Bathing, washing, and other personal hygiene care can be provided to ensure cleanliness and dignity are maintained. Simple tasks such as co-ordinating outfits, make-up and hair care are often important to the client and help to maintain self-esteem and confidence.

Respite Care

Today’s Nurse knows the importance of self-care and the risk of caregiver burn out that is often present for caregivers.  Many family members are faced with long hours for weeks without help or breaks or even a chance to get to their own appointments.  Today's Nurse provides the appropriate care worker to ensure piece of mind allowing the family caregiver time for themselves.

Palliative Care

One of the most sensitive areas in health management is caring for a friend or loved one whose prognosis is grim. A comfortable family home allows the loved one to spend their precious time in surroundings full of love and memories. Today’s Nurse can help with the arrangements to make this possible. Whether as respite care to allow loved ones to take a break or as round the clock loving care, our Today’s Nurse caregiver will be there with compassion.

Alzheimer’s Care

The number of men and women experiencing mild to extensive degrees of Alzheimer’s is on the rise. As Alzheimer’s progresses it becomes increasingly important to keep the client in familiar surroundings. Unfortunately, this puts a tremendous strain on the family both mentally and physically.  Today’s Nurse understands this and works closely with the client and family members to ensure comfort for all involved.  Health Care Workers specializing in the unique issues of Alzheimer’s will be assigned to enrich the client’s daily living.

Administering drugs by a qualified nurse is essential in maintaining the health of a patient on medication. From diabetes and high blood pressure to disease and pain management, drugs require control, measurement and administration in an exacting environment. Today’s Nurse Health Care Workers adhere to strict standards set forth to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of the client.

Select Nursing Services

Select Nursing Services may be availiable depending on the type and frequency of service.  Today's Nurse looks forward to expanding these services in the future.

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